Ultra Race - Delphi - Olympia - 255 kms

Route Description


                                                                                       Sunrise: 5:35-Sunset: 19:11


Distance: 111 km
Total Positive elevation: 822 m

Total Negative elevation: 1.350 m
Asphalt Road: 103 km – Dirt Road: 9 km

Iintermediate supply stations: 11


Starting at 09 a.m in front of the archaeological site of Delphi, you move for 650m to a slightly uphill asphalt road then you turn left to a downhill rocky trail (the ancient Delphi-Kira path). The trail having more or less the same form of 1700m ends at a flat dirt road that moves among olive groves up to Amfisa-Nafpaktos motorway which you follow by turning left until you arrive at the 1st supply station in the area of Itea at 11 km of our route.
Leaving the station and always moving on Amfisa-Nafpakto motorway on asphalted terrain, quite often next to the sea, you arrive at the 2nd supply station in the area of Pigada at 18.5 km of our route.
The same pattern is repeated until the 3rd supply station, noting that just at the 26th km you turn slightly left into the big sideway road that goes parallel to the sea until Galaxidi station at 27.5 km.
Leaving the station and moving on an uphill road you find the main road’s bridge where you turn left until you meet the above main road and move on it. At this point we must note 2 things. First, you must always move on the LEFT side of the main road, opposite to the car direction. This is necessary both for more safety as well as because the route direction signs will be marked on this side of the road. Second, it is necessary for the athletes to carry a head-torch after it gets dark so that you can distinguish the signs as well as to be seen by passing cars.

Moving always on the main road and after approximately 9km course from Galaxidi station on a relative up going road, you meet 3 tunnels. Cross the first 2 tunnels them through the sideway road but the 3rd one you have to cross it very carefully through the main road. Leaving the tunnels behind and 3km afterwards you arrive at the 4th supply station in Ag.Pantes area at 39.4 km of our route.

Leaving the 4th station and always moving on the main road and after about 4.5km you meet a fork. At this point you leave behind the main road and follow the left coast road which 3.5km afterwards leads you to the 5th supply station in Eratini area at 48.8 km of our route.
Leaving the station and moving for 3.7km on the coast asphalt road you re-enter the main road and after approximately 5km you meet, on your left, a new coast road which you follow. For 200m until you arrive at the 6th supply station in Ag.Nikolaos area at 57.9 km of our route.
You keep moving for 700m and you enter again the main road again. After 5km you meet, on your left, a coast road which you follow for 1600m until you re-enter the main road and follow it for 2.5km. At this point the runners should pay special attention since it is the first time that you have to move on the right side of the road so that you can follow a path, go under the main road and after crossing a farm, find the coast road where the 7th supply station is, at beach Sergoula in Spilia area at 67.9km of our route.
Leaving the station and moving on coast asphalt road after 4.8km course, at the end of the road and having passed a water spring on your left, you turn right onto an uphill road where just before the bridge that you find, you turn left to meet the main road. 3km afterwards you move with big caution to the right side of the road into the sideway road which you follow and at once turn left, go under the bridge and keep moving for 1km until you meet again the coast road in Marathia area where you turn right and after 500m you arrive at the 8th supply station at 77.4 km.
Leaving the station, you move for 700m on coast asphalt road then you enter a trail and 1200m afterwards into a small path. The path ends after 700m (at this point the beach ends too) and the asphalt road begins. 400m afterwards you enter the main road and turn left. After 3.7km course on the main road you turn left to a 500m downhill trail and then to asphalt road where after 1km you arrive at the 9th supply station in Monastiraki beach at 85.6km from the starting point.

We go on straight ahead on the asphalt (tarmac) road. After 1.9 km we enter a dirt road which follows in parallel the main road from Itea to Nafpaktos. This parallel road after 640 m leads to the main road. We follow the main road and after 820 m we enter again the dirt road. While we move on this dirt road for 2.3 kms, we meet three bridges. At the third bridge we turn right and after 690 m the dirt road leads to the provincial road leading from Terpsithea to Spartia. We turn left, we cross the Mornos bridge and after 600 m we meet the provincial road leading from Nafpaktos to Platanos. At this point we turn left to Nafpaktos. After 5.1 kms we reach the city of Nafpaktos (10th station, 97.8th km of the race).
You leave the station and in the next 4.7km you follow straightforward the big coast road until you re-enter the main road. After 800m you meet a traffic light and you go slightly left following the road for 3.3km and just at 106.3 km of our route, after having crossed a bridge you veer left, down to Antirio. Moving on asphalt road for 800m you go through an underpass, beneath the Rio-Antirio motorway. When the underpass ends, you turn left and after 600m you enter the right pedestrian road of Rio-Antirio Bridge. After a 2.9km course on the bridge you pass over to Rio where the 11th supply station and ending the race in front of the HOTEL APOLLON just at 111.1 km from the starting point.


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