Ultra Race - Delphi - Olympia - 255 kms

Services Offered


    The enrolment fee is 400 € (four hundred) for the runners and 180 (one hundred and eighty)€ for the supporters.
    ΑΤΤΕΝΤΙΟΝ : In the case that the RUNNER΄s fee is paid before Jule 1st 2021, there will be a discount of 50€ i.e. the amount will be reduced to 350 (three hundred and fifty) €.
    The amount is payable into the following Bank account at the same time:
    ALPHA BANK : IBAN GR76 0140 1590 1590 0200 2009 792 (ΟLΥΜPΙΟΙ) and BIC no CRBAGRAA.
    The competitors and their supporters are offered the same services by the Organizers.
    The above amounts include the following services:

    Full-board accommodation at the hotels at Delphi and Olympia de luxe cat - on Thursday Septemper 16th, and on Saturday Septemper 18h for runners dropped out of the race and on Sunday Septemper 19th for all runners and their supporters. 
    Food-stuff at Check-Points tables
    Runners will have at their disposal the food-stuff in conformity with the regulations.
    Transfer from Athens to Delphi on Thursday Thursday, Septemper 16th, (on the eve of the event). Transfer from Olympia to Athens on Monday, Septemper 20th, (see details under Practical Info’s).
    Transfer of runners dropped out of the race to the hotel at Olympia.
    Evacuation of a runner to the nearest hospital or local Medical Centre in case of emergency following his condition.
    Transfer of the finishers to the hotel at Olympia.
    Prices and rewards
    The race Dolihos-Delphi-Olympia has the particularity to be delimited by the two prestigious sites of Delphi and Olympia, to be held within the values of the Olympic Spirit not admitting any material prize but the wild-olive tree wreath the same one that crowned the Olympic victors at Olympia 2.500 years ago.
    In the first three men and women of the general classification will be awarded prizes. All finishers receive a commemorative medal and a Diploma with their finishing time.
    The race Dolihos-Delphi-Olympia has the privilege to join the great cultural and artistic interest of the two sites with the excellence of the athletes’ performances.
    Thus, we have the pleasure to offer our runners and their supporters guided visits by sworn guides of the Archeological sites of Olympia and their respective Museums.
    All participants will be offered a T-shirt and a poster of the race and as a present various Greek products.


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