Ultra Race - Delphi - Olympia - 255 kms

Formal Declaration

By signing this declaration,


Name ...........................


Passport No .....................


I commit myself to participate in “LET’S GO RIO” RACE, Septemper 17,18 2021 and I declare:

  1. I have been informed on the Race’s Rules and specific conditions related to hazards and severe physical/psychological strains I am to endure during the competition.
  2. I have undergone a medical examination and I suffer from no illness prejudicial to my health not permitting me to take part in an ultra race.
  3. I have no claim, whatsoever, on behalf of the Organizing Committee and the Association related to it, for any damage or injury to my health during the Race, after it, or for any other unforeseen event that might occur to me, bearing full responsibility for my participation.

In case of fatal accident my heirs-at -law shall have no right to claim, anything of any kind, on behalf of the Organizing Committee as my participation is due entirely to my own responsibility.
I absolve the Organizers from any responsibility and I waive a plea for any indemnity for the above-mentioned cases.






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